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My wife and I were forced by circumstance to attend Holy Mass in a small parish in southwestern Virginia a couple of weeks ago. This was our first, and, until there is an administrative change there, our last trip to this parish. After the collect, the celebrant said (paraphrased), "The text for our Gloria can be found in the front cover of the hymnal." Before we had a chance to even wonder what that could possibly mean, he began to intone the following, to the tune of Beethoven's Hymn to Joy:

Glory be to God the Father,
To our God who reigns above.
May he send his peace upon us
And his everlasting love.
Songs of praise and songs of blessing
To our God who reigns on high.
Let us raise our loud hosannas,
Let us raise our joyful cry.

Our man in Chicago

Fr. Keyes attended a recent consultation the USCCB liturgy office arranged with church musicians, on the subject of the new translations.

... I recently joined the Society for a Moritorium on the Music of David Haas and Marty Haugen. Here's one of their funnier parodies:

Gather Them In (for Thanksgiving)

Here in this place, our family's meeting -
Grandparents, cousins, uncles and aunts -
Getting in place for dinnertime seating,
And to my mother they're chanting these chants:

"Gather them in, the turkey and stuffing,
Gather them in, the gravy and ham!
And don't forget that Thanksgiving dinner
Just ain't complete without cranberry jam!"

Out in the den my uncles were spitting
Curse words in front of the big screen TV
While watching football (totally fitting):
Visitors thirty, home team only three.

"Gather them in," my mother requested:
"Gather them in, lest dinner gets cold."
And though at first, my uncles protested,
Watching the walloping quickly grew old.

Gone from this place, my sister's new diet.
Brother's already demanding more food.
To our surprise, the in-laws are quiet -
No petty fighting to break up the mood.

"Gather the beans, the corn and potatoes."
"Gather the pot roast, gather the bread."
"Haven't you got too many tomatoes?
Just one more bite will render you dead."

After our dinner, everyone's groaning,
Grousing, complaining, that they ate too much.
And this one thought has my cousins moaning:
Turkey breast sandwiches for next week's lunch.

"Gather them in, the Pepto-dash-Bismol,
Gather them in, the Pepcid AC.
Please do it quick, cuz' we're feeling dismal,
Next year we'll limit our helpings to three!"

Douglas LeBlanc kicked off this thread about bad church music at Get Religion back in March, but I get the feeling we'll be enjoying the comments for some time to come.

What? Who?

On life and living in communion with the Catholic Church.

Richard Chonak

John Schultz

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