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As I type, two legs of lamb are marinating at Panjshir's, my town's Afghan restaurant. We'll pick them up tomorrow and let them flavor through until roasting on thurday.

Who needs a Turducken when you can have an exotic Thanksgiving!

I'll report with the results later this week.

Happy Thanksgiving to all!

File under A for "aaaaarrrrrrrg!"


News report from the latest Bishop's conference:

Cardinal Francis George of Chicago noted that a long-standing division between bishops who prefer standard American English and those who want a literal rending of Latin has become more complex. Some bishops on both sides have realized that the current English text is more familiar and meaningful to many Catholics than the centuries-old Latin text once was, he said.

"There are those who have been quite critical of the present translation, but who are now saying that we don't want to disturb the people, especially in the situation of weakened episcopal authority we have now," he said, referring to distrust of bishops who failed to remove child molesters from the priesthood.

Two points:

It's amazing that Cardinal George believes some Bishops don't want to upset the apple cart because, gee - the people think we are jackasses for how we handled priests guilty of sexual misconduct. We'll need a generation to pass before we can act decisively on moral and disciplinary issues.

Can you actually weaken authority that has been given by God? Only if you presume to weaken it yourself.

Second issue: I'm all in favor or reviewing the banal English translations we've been given for something that is more meaningful, even if that takes some time to stick.

More later when I have time...

I have never tried a...



But it sounds sort of tasty... has anyone tried this concoction?

I'll leave it to the comments boxes for what you all think is "normal" for France...

Irony of the Year

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Doohan Space Flight Delayed

HOLLYWOOD - A rocket which will blast the ashes of Star Trek star James Doohan into space has had its take-off delayed because of engine trouble. ...more

This passes for news?


Despite Huge Profits, Catholic Hospitals Gouge Uninsured

This article is about as one-sided as it gets.

Happy Veteran's Day

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A special thanks to our very own veteran: Eric Johnson. He and his family have made great sacrifices in service of our country. I'm proud to call him friend for going on 20 years.

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Speaks for itself. If you don't know where this comes from you have no business using it.


From AP

JERUSALEM - Israeli archaeologists said Saturday they have discovered what may be the oldest Christian church in the Holy Land on the grounds of a prison near the biblical site of Armageddon.

The Israeli Antiquities Authority said the ruins are believed to date back to the third or fourth centuries and include references to Jesus and images of fish, an ancient Christian symbol.

"This is a very ancient structure, maybe the oldest in our area," said Yotam Tepper, the head archaeologist on the dig.

A book Eric will never read

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Given the title, I'm forced to wonder if Maureen Dowd is really necessary...

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