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The National Shrine of our Lady Queen of the Universe in East Boston is one of the oddest religious structures around: built into a hillside, it doesn't have a church on top, but an open plaza and outdoor chapel. When you enter the building, you go down two floors to the main church, a broad auditorium, and to the Shrine's function rooms. On the same floor as the church is this locked doorway:
When I was there, the Christorama wasn't open, but I'll be back. What other well-intentioned displays of tackiness can you think of at parishes and shrines?

Actually, I think we're related!

School 'Peanut Gallery' Raises Eyebrows

Schools are requiring students who bring peanut butter sandwiches for lunch to eat at their own table to protect children who have nut allergies.

Food allergists say peanut allergies among school-aged children have doubled to 400,000 over the last five years. They can't explain the spike but said it has caused more schools to creatively accommodate allergic students.

They can't explain it? I can. The Liturgical Reforms of Vatican II are the cause of rising nut allergies. Now is the time to act! Please download and post this sign on the doors to your Church sacristy, liturgy director's office, music practice room, and the closet where they store all the stuff the art committee has made. You know, the tapestries they hang up in the sanctuary for each liturgical season because there is no reredos? You don't have that? That's great! You can pray for those of us who do.


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What? Who?

On life and living in communion with the Catholic Church.

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