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Only in Italy?

Zenit reports on Mirabilandia, the theme park in Ravenna with a spiritual side: it even has a church on the grounds!

Here's the park's official site, and an unofficial one, with some English pages.

Hold tight on the roller coaster!



Hey, John, here's a new taste treat for you guys on the Atkins diet!

Here at MeatShake Corporation, we have a simple vision:

Meat. Lots of meat.

We bring you our vision in the most amazing and scrumptious forms imaginable. Our dedication to meat is nothing short of mighty.

That's our promise to you, the valued customer.

Mm: the (Christmastime) Vanilla Ham Shake sounds gooood!

Why wait in long lines at church when the confessor will come to you?


Go face-to-face in the passenger seat or behind a privacy screen in the back.
Tinted rear windows to protect the anonymity of the pentitent.
Plenty of trunk room to leave your scrupples behind.

How Thou Shalt Deal With Mildew


Leviticus 14:

34 When you have entered Canaan, which I am giving you to occupy, if I inflict a fungous infection upon a house in the land you have occupied,
35 the owner must come and report to the priest that there appears to him to be a patch of infection in his house.
36 The priest must order the house to be emptied before he goes in to examine the infection or everything in it will become unclean. After this the priest must go in to inspect the house.

37 If on inspection he finds the patch on the walls consists of greenish or reddish depressions, apparently going deeper than the surface,
38 he is to go out of the house, and at the entrance put it in quarantine for seven days.
39 On the seventh day he must return and inspect the house, and if the patch has spread in the walls,
40 he must order the infected stones to be pulled out and thrown away outside the town in an unclean place.
41 He must also then have the house scraped inside throughout, and all the daub they have scraped off is to be tipped outside the town in an unclean place.

More amusing Scripture verses and cartoons at Breadwig.

Proof beyond dispute!


Yes, Victor's blog has proof that he and Fr. Sibley are for real. Or at least are real.

(Posting from Ypsilanti this weekend at Ave Maria's Thomistic Theology conference.)

Here's one for the "Credit where it's due" department:

I used to think that "Soeur Sourire" was just the lamest thing possible: a nun with a guitar back in 1964 singing some silly song she wrote. It made the top pop-charts -- one of the rare times a foreign-language song did so well. But I have been writing her off as a symbol of the whole disaster of trendy nuns falling for pop culture and losing the faith.

On the other hand, have you ever seen the lyrics -- the original ones in French? They're quite faith-filled: they're all about St. Dominic preaching to (and against) the Albigensian heretics: and the song even calls them that. It sounds all happy-clappy, but the text is quite triumphal.

(Ignore the English version on the page linked above: it's not the real thing.)

Alas, poor Soeur Sourire and her vocation did end up on the rocks: she did leave religious life, like so many others, and came to a bad end in 1985, another washed-up one-hit wonder. If only she'd stuck with St. Dominic!

A spiritual Hallmark moment.

What? Who?

On life and living in communion with the Catholic Church.

Richard Chonak

John Schultz

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