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Ever done the tourist rounds in New England? Made it to the monument at Plymouth Rock? Been... underwhelmed? Well, just imagine what kids on school trips think of it: no wonder it made a list of ten lame landmarks.

Come to think of it, I don't know why Indians come to protest here every Thanksgiving, all mournful-like. Why bother? They've got a memorial that, even unfinished, is already impressive.

He's onto us!


The seamy underbelly of St. Blog's is exposed by Jeff Miller: he says that some people listed as participants in group blogs rarely or never post. Obviously a case for some truth-in-labeling enforcement, eh?

Brought to you by a Schultz who used to write on this blog.

If your religion teacher had been a mystic, she would have said....

"I want you to know class, I've got a touch of the stigmata today so I can't play kickball at recess. If I fall into ectasy please don't tape signs to me or clean the erasers in my hair. Just tell Fr. Preston to give me an obedience to snap out of it - that usually does the trick. He's going to come by at 1 to make sure I am giving you that test and not in spiritual rapture so you'd better be ready. I appreciate the velcro you've given me for my shoes - I know the levitation was a little hard to take during study hall. This morning I'll be explaining the development of Trinitarian doctrine and biolocating next door to do conferences with your parents. Billy, there is a devil sitting on your shoulder. His name is Juju and he's about to feed you another Twinkie. You'd better stop what you are doing and pray for some self-control."


KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysian (Reuters) -- Malaysian Muslim men can divorce their wives through text messages on mobile telephones, the New Straits Times daily reported on Saturday, quoting a religious adviser to the government.

Hamid Othman, adviser to Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad, said divorce via SMS or short messaging service was in accordance with sharia law if it was clear and unambiguous.

"SMS is just another form of writing," the daily quoted Hamid as saying, following an Islamic court decision on Thursday that ruled in favor of a man who served divorce on his wife using SMS.

Islamic law permits a man to divorce his wife by declaring "I divorce you" three times.

Chimp Art - painted by chimpanzees - for those liturgists who just don't care anymore. Click below, please.

Mark Elgar of the Univeristy of Australia makes a comment that we might resonate with modern feminists.

"A constant stream of suitors wanting to participate in a polygamous free-for-all could possibly lead to greater harassment, leading to the female expending more energy and placing herself at greater risk of harm than if she doted on just one male," Elgar said in a statement.

Mr. Elgar is actually referring to a species of beetle with rather asymetrical mating habits.

Surely not John or Steve, no! They have a "T" in their name and they don't drink gigantic amounts of beer and gorge themselves on fried potatoes. They drink gin and eat fried cheese!

The number of asteroids likely to collide with Earth and cause huge damage is smaller than expected, scientists said this week.

A computer simulation developed by scientists in Britain and Russia shows that asteroids with a diameter of 200 yards will hit the Earth's surface about once every 160,000 years, instead of every 2,500 years.

What does that do to the Rapture Index?

Robots in your pants, marriage in Space, and a row at the House.

It's the article from the Arlington Catholic Herald about the big, big game last week.

On a warm, muggy afternoon last week, seminarians from the Arlington Diocese and Archdiocese of Washington battled each other at the "Potomac Challenge," held at St. Leo the Great Church in Fairfax.

The game, sponsored by Fr. Francis J. Diamond Council No. 6292, was won by Arlington, 15-8.

Arlington was led by Robert Wagner of St. Lawrence Parish in Alexandria. Wagner cracked three home runs with one of them clearing the trees in right field. When asked by his teammates how he hit the ball so far, Wagner simply shrugged his shoulders and said, "I swing as hard as I can."

Inter-seminary sports are just not getting the coverage they should in the media! ESPN Sunday morning, 4:30 AM - "Sem Sports."

Mark Sullivan on summer apparel for Vatican tourists.

Understanding Your Cat


Coming soon: a device that interprets your cat's meows! How hard can it be? (1) "feed me" (2) "I gotta go" (3) "pet me" (4) "leave me alone; I don't want to take a bath".

When seminarians from Washington and Arlington get together for an inter-Diocesan softball tourney whose side is God on?

What? Who?

On life and living in communion with the Catholic Church.

Richard Chonak

John Schultz

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