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Get a load of these Incredible Hulk green foam hands! Wear these to your next department meeting and watch heads turn!

(Is there a Catholic connection here? Lou Ferrigno, maybe?)

"Beauty is a gift from the Lord"

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An Italian priest is going to preside over his town's beauty pageant:

"If you look at the girls in an innocent way it's not a sin but a way of thanking the Lord," Carlo Crucianelli, a priest in the central Italian town of Civita Castellana, told ANSA.
Anybody want to spin a theory about how Catholic countries have an advantage in international beauty pageants?

Free Dominion

I found this over at the Free Dominion website.....

It's Time For Jesus!


Fr. Sibley's going to like this web site, I know it: every sappy or goofy image of our Lord that you ever saw, and much, much more. Boy, He puts up with an awful lot.

Link via Mark's blog. The sculpture that has replaced the simulacrum of Saddam Hussien was inspired by various church tabernacles in Northern VA.

Now, let me guess - that's the Trinity right?

St. Bingo, pray for us!


From Holland's De Telegraaf:

BREDA - For the first time in its 700-year existence, the former Norbertine nuns' cloister, later the Cloister Barracks on Cloister Square in Breda, has a public function. After two years of renovation at a cost of 55 million Euros, Holland Casino Breda opens its doors to the public on Friday.

With a gaming area of 13,000 square meters, it is the largest casino in Europe. In renovating the Cloister Barracks, architect Dirk Jan Postel arranged everything so as to preserve the character of the cloister building. For example, several secco paintings discovered during the restoration of the chapel were spared destruction and restored.

Considering that this is Holland, I wouldn't be surprised if the cloister and the casino were operated simultaneously. And in America, who knows what's possible? :-)

(Thanks to The Antipodean for finding the story.)

Fun for the whole robotic family!

What? Who?

On life and living in communion with the Catholic Church.

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